Innersoles | Mens

27.00  24.00 USD


Our ‘Sheepskins Downunder Innersoles’ can be replaced for boot longevity and can also be used for extra comfort in other footwear. The breathable nature of merino wool encourages circulation in the feet.  It's as easy as pulling out the old inner sole and just inserting the new one!

ALL of our Sheepskins Downunder products are 100% Australian made, here at our factory in Laverton North, Melbourne, that’s our guarantee to you. Our boots are made from high-grade Genuine Australian double-face merino, sourced sustainably from local farms and processed ecologically at our own Tannery, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Sheepskins Downunder luxury products are made with our premium hand-selected merino lambskins to ensure the highest quality boot is made for you. Our merino lambskins for our Sheepskins Downunder boots are quality-checked for marks & scratches. All of our merino lambskins are natural and are produced in our LAST sheepskin footwear tannery in Australia. We are 100% Australian Made & Owned.


  • 100% Australian Made
  • 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
  • Replace in boots to increase longevity
  • Provides extra comfort in other footwear
  • Encourages circulation to the feet
  • Materials: 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
  • Country of Origin: Australia


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